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Golf III/Jetta III ‘93-’99 & Cabriolet ‘95-’02


We have excellent recycled manual and automatic transmissions available at substantial savings. Get the code off your transmission before calling and we’ll be sure to get one that works for you. The code is stamped on the bottom of the       bellhousing (manual transmissions), the top of the bellhousing (auto transmission ‘96-99.5). The code is extremely important for automatic transmissions - we cannot sell you the right transmission without the code, so don’t bother calling without it!! If you have a 5-speed and you can’t find the code, that’s OK, we can find you the correct one.

5 speed from $650.00

Automatic from $1195.00



If your shifter feels sloppy, if you don’t let other people drive your car because they’ll never figure out how to get it in gear or if you’re just tired of flogging a shifter that feels like waving a broomstick in an open window... it’s time for new shifter bushings. All 2.0 L 4 cylinder Golfs, Jettas and Cabrios use a rod-shifted transmission with many bushing in the shift linkage which eventually wear out. Our shifter repair kit will have your transmission shifting like new. It replaces all the wearable parts in the shift linkage. If you’re not the original owner of the car, you may be surprised at how well you car shifts after you install this kit!!

#SN18745 . . . . . . . .$69.95


If you don’t want to replace everything in your shift linkage, then replacing all of the shifter bushings is the next best thing to do first. All of the bushings are relatively soft and are the first things to wear out. (2.0L engine only)

#SN10664 . . . . . . . .$14.95


If you no longer need to push down on the shifter to put it in reverse, you need a new reverse lockout plate. This is an easy fix - do it now before you accidentally hit reverse while looking for first!! (Included in the shifter repair kit)

#SN5161 . . . . . . . .$3.85


Give your automatic trans the “tune-up” it’s been waiting for. A blocked filter can cause harsh shifting and delayed engagement. Left clogged long enough, it can cause expensive damage. Don’t wait until you have a problem, this is easy preventative maintenance.

All ‘93-95 with transmission dipstick

 #SN15773 . . . . . . . .$29.95

All ‘95-99.5 without transmission dipstick

 #SN15719 . . . . . . . .$24.95

Filter Gasket

 #SN13861 . . . . . . . .$13.95


Starting in mid-1995, VW changed the design of the 4 speed automatic transmission. The easiest way to identify your trans is to check whether or not there is a dipstick to check your ATF level. If not, you have the later style transmission, which requires a specially-formulated synthetic ATF. This is the only fluid you can use - any other fluid will ruin the transmission. Early style transmissions (those with a dipstick) can use Dexron ll, or (for better longevity and performance) the synthetic ATF, sold in 1 liter bottles, 3 bottles are required for a fluid change.

#SN18296 . . . . . . . .$12.95 ea.



If you’re repairing your own transmission, or if you’ve got a leaky trans, you need a complete gasket set. If it’s only leaking around the output flange (where the inner CV joint bolts up) then you may just need output flange seals.

2.0 L 4 cylinder ‘93-99.5

Complete gasket set

 #SN12376 . . . . . . . .$99.95

Output flange seal (2 req.)

 #SN4525 . . . . . . . .$14.95


Complete gasket set

 #SN17207 . . . . . . . .$59.95


You probably have never charged your gear oil. Don’t wait - today is a good day to do it. Our high quality synthetic gear oil will help to reduce internal wear and may improve shift “feel”.

Most VW’s ‘85-99.5 Manual Transmission

#SN15350 . . . . . . . .$11.99



Sometimes, the 4-speed automatic transmission is diagnosed as bad when the problem is actually the transmission control module (TCM). A bad TCM can quickly ruin a new transmission, so make sure the TCM is not faulty before you go and replace the transmission. It is easy to access, located under the rear seat, and can be checked using the VAG 1551 scan tool. If yours is bad, call with the part number off your TCM (very important). Our excellent recycled TCMs will save you hundreds!!

TCMs from $200.00

If your automatic transmission has suffered a mechanical failure, we strongly recommend replacing both the cooler and torque converter. Any metal shavings in the old ATF will be virtually impossible to flush out completely. These shavings can quickly ruin a new transmission. Play it safe, we have excellent recycled parts at huge savings.

Transmission cooler, all ‘93-99.5

 New #SN17114 . . . . . . . .$149.95

 Recycled #SN39001 . . . . .$80.00

Torque converter

Call with your code from $200.00



This precision tool quickly and easily locks the shifter in place so you can properly adjust the shift linkage. Exact adjustment is a 5-hour job without this tool or 15 minutes with it. Well worth it! (Fits 2.0L 4 cylinder only, Included in the shifter repair kit)

#SN14520 . . . . . . . .$19.95


If your VR6 or TDI Golf/Jetta is shifting poorly, you may need new shifter cables. The end of the cables eventually wear out enough so that the cable just falls off leaving you stranded!

Cable “A” (forward/back)

 #SN15107 . . . . . . . .$139.95

Cable “B” (side to side)

 #SN18829 . . . . . . . .$139.95